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YouTube is a pornographic video sharing/viewing website. You can basically search something you want to see, such as porn and you'll get results, like in Google. It also has a music video copyrighting company, very very VERY bad singers, chinese people,and a guy who sings to video game trailers like Hello Kitty for Ps2. You can basically start your own channel, comment, rate and subscribe to other channels, or upload your own videos and spam people's inboxes telling them to watch your video. You can earn your own subscribers, but usually, they just want you to subscribe to them.


YouTube was founded on Febuary 14, 2005 by 3 illegal immigrants who were working at PayPal. It's first users were a U.S gay couple, and 2 chinese people. In 2006, the Google Spetsnaz raided their Pizzeria and Japanese restraunt HQ. After that, Google bribed a bunch of monkeys to get people to make accounts and make monkey shitting videos. In 2008, a little girl boy named Fred made videos about him after drinking 1,201 Monsters and soon became the most subscribed YouTube channel at the time. Then, a teenager from California (all of the YouTube stars except Fred have come from California) named Shane Yaw created a channel and made a parody video called "Fred is dead" which was a big hit in 12 year old girls and eventually got more subs than Fred. Then, a group of lowlife gamers made a channel called "machimina" topped Shanie. Then THEY got their ass kicked by a chinese guy with a channel name calling himself black. AFTER THAT, his little chinese ass got kicked by a wannabe "The Soup" guy named Gay Ray William Johnson. During all this chaos, a video stealing service called VEVO (Real name "Violating Entertainment and Vaginal Openings") stole Justina Justin Bieber's music videos and every artist in the world and made millions of dollars off of that to STEAL MUSIC VIDEOS. YouTube is currently having issues with poor talented artists as well

The Future of YouTubeEdit


YouTube's Headquarters on December 21, 2012.

In the year 2012 A.D., YouTube will explode because of the massive spam that its users inflict upon eachother. Then Ray William Johnson, Shane Dawson, and blackhiga will start an Illuminati of YouTube to destroy Google for not getting their money. Google will deploy their Elite Epic Nerd Special Ops team, the Google Spetsnaz to kill all of them. Of course, the YouTubeinati will be destroyed in seconds by THE EPIC POWER OF MAC OS X 10.7 LION. Then, Steve Jobs will rise from the dead with Satan and they will turn YouTube into an illuminati-sponsored website so that the illuminati will start a New World Order. End of story.

Popular UsersEdit

It's popular users are the following: GayDawsonTV, Niggerhigger, GayHomoJohnson, shitsh, machiminarutos, and many other users that bore the shit out of people.

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