Shane Dawson (Birth name: Shane Yaw b. 7/19/88) is an American comedian/actor/director who is the 5th subscribed person on YouTube following smoshie, niggerhigger, Gay Ray William Johnson, and machiminarutos


Him. His fans have orgasms when they see this.

He makes comedy videos dressing up as characters like "Aunt Hilda, S-Deezy, Shanaynay, Paris Hilton, and Ned The Nerd" and makes skits. He actually works really hard on his videos, which don't get as much as views as his higher-ups. He lives with his mom in California (AS WITH EVERY FUCKING GOOD YOUTUBER)

Early LifeEdit

Shane Dawson was born at home. His mom had trouble, but his dad got him out without taking out his brain. He grew up with his alcloholic father who had a .45 mm M1911 under his bed. He really had a normal life compared to other YouTubers, untill middle school, when he was constantly bullied, EVEN BY THE TEACHERS!. He was called all sorts of names and thought about taking the M1911 and killing himself. He admitted in one of his videos that he was a bit "anti-social" with others and hung out with the Spec. Eds. (Hey, he isn't the only one ;) )

Teenage Years/ Working at Jenney CraigEdit

Shane went to high school, again facing the difficulties he had in middle school, untill he started to make videos as class projects and turning them in to the teachers. His teachers liked them, and often requested personal copies. He Edit

His dad's gun, currently with Google's Spetsnaz

made some friends, and graduated from high school, and went to work with his mom at The Fat Bitch: Jenny Craig. He created his account around the time, as he meant it as a "vlogging channel" and started uploading videos about life at work, and on one video, had a co-worker who was the inspiration for Aunt Hilda. Edit

You should think twice about making fun of that fat kid in school.


Shane kept uploading videos untill he made one about a pole at work. He filmed himself "stripping" on it, even showing a bit of his junk. A few days later, his bosses found out about the video and fired his ass, his brother's and his moms. They fired anyone who was involved with it. He revealed in a video that he felt like killing himself, untill he started doing the skits, and knew they were a sucess after over hearing a casheir at a grocery store talking about it. He made "Fred is Dead" parodying the gay motherfucker which is his most viewed video, and got him on Google's assasin list (subscribers). He was featured in a Mickey D's commerical, and featured on G4TV's "Attack of the Show!". His longest video is Friends4Ever, a 2011 Halloween special. He was the most subscribed untill machiminaturos kicked his ass. Damn. Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit!!!!.

Fun Facts 4 Kids!!!!Edit

Shane Dawson is dating Nadine (nayders07)

His favorite director is James Cameron

He discredited McDonalds in a video, even though he was in a McDonalds commercial

Shane Dawson's fans are mostly 12 year old girls

He uses in-video subliminal messaging to get more subscribers.

He won "Best Vlogger" and "Choice Web Star" at the Teen Choice Awards in 2010.

He was nominated in the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, but lost to the best singer in history, Rebecca Black

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