Kids, put some heavy ear plugs on.

Rebecca Black is the world's greatest singer since Elvis! Born on 6/21/97, she is an American singer who became VERY VERY VERY famous after her world hit "Friday" became a viral hit. She resides in California (-_-) and works with ARK Music Factory (Artists Really with no Knowlege). She is currently waiting for Justina Justin Bieber to duet with her on December 21, 2012.

Early LifeEdit

Rebecca Black was raised by her brainless mom, who said that she would grow up to be a great singer like Elvis. At age 8, Rebecca performed at her school's talent show. The judges were so deaf after that, they had to wear hearing aids for the rest of their lives. Rebecca knew that she was destined to be the world's greatest snger. During her puberty years, she learned what sex was, and she sang about it. The song is currently being used at popular pornographic websites. When she was 12, she had a crush on a guy. She sang him a song at an arcade. He got a bacterial infection in his ears, which soon spread to his lungs and he died 6 days later. She sang at his funeral. Rebecca's crush's family is currently enrolled in Dr.Burzynski's antineoplaston trial for Ear Cancer.

Her Teenage years...Edit

In 2009, Rebecca performed for Obama at the white house. Obama got really pissed and threw her in a FEMA concentration camp. Her mom bribed the government to release her. They did. In 2011, Rebecca Black knew that YouTube would get her famous. She worked with ARK Music Factory, and her mom paid them $100,000 to produce the best YouTube video in history. The video was uploaded, and it became an instant fail hit. Her video reached the 15 Edit

thumb|300px|right|Her famous song. Warning, you will get ear cancer.

million view mark. After that, all the people who watched it got an ear disorder, and they disliked the video to stop the plauge. She eventually removed it, and went on ABC news to tell those people to stop disliking or my mommy will kill you. Then, she made HER OWN CHANNEL! Reuploaded the video, and got the same dislikes, but less views than her original. She is currently under trial by the U.S Government for singing badly, which is illegal on the internet.Edit

Fun Facts!Edit

- Rebecca Black won the 2011 Teen Choice Awards againsed Shane Dawson because her mom stuffed the ballots.

- She likes 13 year olds to drive cars.

- The Google Spetsnaz, the Elite Epic Nerd Spec. Ops team threatened to kill her because she was stealing views that Google intended for RayWilliamJohnson

- Justina Justin Bieber has not responded to her request to duet with her him.

-On December 21, 2012 They will duet.

- She was the reason hearing aids was invented

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