Ray after finding out he was born with a vagina.

Ray William Johnson (b. 6/6/66) is an American-humorless guy who created 2,129 accounts to get people to subscribe to his YouTube channel. He is currently the No. 1 most gay subscribed Youtuber so far. His show, Equals Three, reviews videos that other users made for him and talk about them. He does it every week, and his videos are garanteed to make you bored and get over 1,000,000 views.

Early LifeEdit

Ray's mom, Rosemary Johnson, gave birth to him on 6/6/66. The doctors said he had came out without a brain, but the mom said "GIMME MAH DAMN BABY MODDAFUKKAS!!" and left the hospital with a brainless child. Ray grew up in Los Angeles, like many celebrities. He went to school, and was enrolled on the special education class, after an incident in the bathroom involving a boy who was using a urinal. Ray learned how to count, add, subtract, read, and write when he was in 6th grade. He had problems with other classmates because he stuck pencils up his ass when the teacher said "Put the pencils away". In middle school, he had a passion of taking other people's english reports and complain about them. Little did he know, this would end up leading him to becoming YouTube's No. 1 Fag.

Teenage YearsEdit

In high school, Ray had problems with women, who he often asked out going to his uncle's farm as a date. He got suspended for telling a lunch lady to stick a chicken nugget up her ass because he didn't get 6 nuggets. He had problems learning how do drive, crashing his dad's 2004 Ford Focus into a tree after his dad told him that he


Ray posing to become a model of Gayboy Magazine (6/6/06)

drove like an old woman who just got fucked and raped for 6 hours having vaginal pains. He got really pissed off

and told his dad hes a shit that came out of his grandma's ass. Then he told Ray that hes the same thing, with his mom. And he drove into a tree. Ray had a -6.66 GPA, but graduated because he bribed the principal $666. He left high school only knowing how to fuck a woman.

College and YouTubeEdit

Now you are probably wondering "How to fuck did he get to college and the most subbed YouTuber?!?!" The answer is, I have no fucking idea. Ray got to go to the Prestigous New York University because he lied to the dean by telling him his GPA in high school was 3.666. When he was in New York, he got arrested for reviewing the 9/11 twin towers footage and calling it the most funniest thing he has seen in his whole life. He bribed the judge $6,666 dollars to release him. He failed most of his classes, and eventually got kicked out after a fondoling incident with the dean. Going back to Los Angeles, he was a hobo looking for a job. He found Youtube and began reviewing videos on YouTube. At first, he wasn't getting any views, his most viewed was 666 views. Then


"Look guys! It's the promise land!"

he started to bribe other YouTubers and spam their inboxes with videos which got him to be the most subscribed YouTuber of all time. He also allied with latino comedian and fatass Gabriel Iglesias to conquer YouTube and start a New William Johnson Order.

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