Facebook is a social media website on the internet. Although your privacy is invaded on a daily basis, Facebook can connect you to pedophiles, and your friends. As of 2012, Facebook is used more than methanphetamines, making it a new type of addiction called facebookanphetamines.

It is also the largest personal information database with at least 750 million personal information messages.


Facebook was launched in 2004 as "MyFaceBook" by a bunch of Harvard n00bs, one of them notably, the infamous Mark Zukerburg. Mark was sitting around in his dorm masturbaiting to gay porn. He got tired and decided to use his hacks skills to create a new website. He called it "MyFaceBook" Little did he know, The C.I.A used mind control to get him to create it in the first place. He also had a co-founder, but Markie fucked him over to control facebook for good. Over the years more and more people found an interest in Facebook making the CIA rich.

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