The PC cover. Because its made for PC

Battlefield 3 is the official U.S Army virtual training simulator developed by Sweedish game developer DICE. It released on October 25, 2011, and made it the month's best selling game. It is also better than Modern Warfare 3 and runs on the fantastic new epic engine called Frostbite 2. It is for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


Battlefield 3 has a singleplayer campaign, and a multiplayer mode. The PC and PS3 versions come with 1 disc, but because of Microsoft's cheap shits, Xbox comes with 2 discs. The game also looks like Black Ops on Wii without the texture pack, so if you wanna make it look the way it should, you need to install it. The multiplayer on consoles supports 24 player battles, when the Epic-PC gets to play 64 player epic chaos battles. Maps on console have been scaled down on consoles to accomodate the player count, with EA totally throwing both consoles in the shitter. But its ok because Microsoft is greedy to charge $1,000 a month for Xbox live. Its campaign is the best out of the whole franchise, even though only 3 out of the 10 Battlefields have singleplayer campaigns

Single-Player CampaignEdit

thumb|300px|right|Here's a basic summary of Battlefield 3's single player campaign Refer to the YouTube video on the right >_>

Internet WarEdit

Battlefield 3 triggered an internet war between the Call of Duty and Battlefield fangirls. The Google Spetsnaz threatened to kill them all if they didn't shut the hell up. But they still did it. Even though Call of Duty has the same amount of Bullshit as of this game, they still fought like girls. The war will end when Half Life 3 comes out in the year 6123.

Fun FactsEdit

-DICE has trolled Call of Duty in its trailers. The dinosoar in "Thunder Run" is a reference to the 2chan thread when a user said Modern Warfare 2 was missing dinosoars. Later, they made their slogan "Above and beyond the call", when the full phrase is actually "Above and beyond the call of duty".

- DICE promised this would be a "true sequel" to Battlefield 2, when in reality, its a Bad Company clone.

- The PC footage of the game by users on YouTube shows that the graphics isn't even CLOSE to the Battlefield 3 trailers uploaded by the Battlefield channel. Again, false advertising.

- You need an Intel Core i7 overclocked to the max processor to run this game, with an Nvidia or ATI graphics card. In total, it costs $10,000 to upgrade.

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